Alba T Álvarez (she/her) is a multidisciplinary artist, dancer and producer within the field of performance art who works between Brussels and Dresden.

After graduating in dance she started to develop her own artistic practice, which perceives the body as central medium, playing with its capability of perception and expression. At the same time she is approaching other media and their potentials of transmission. Until now she integrated film and new media technologies into her creations as an observation of the daily use of screens in our society and the consequences and possibilities of this use in separating viewer and performer/ance in space and time. She is interested in organizing these media in spaces that don’t reaffirm hierarchies and pre-established rules of behavior; like installations.

The subject of her interest lies in the construction of fictional spaces or worlds that are situated in an other-worldly space-time, comparable to science fiction. It is in these imaginary spaces in which the body as a non-human entity can be later situated as a subject or object. This worlding is often nourished by current philosophical and socio-political theories of identity, displacement, and the unhuman.

Since having played with auditive and tactile materials, Alba wants to share a sensorial and immersive experience in her works for every-body.