Alba T Álvarez is a professional dancer, performance artist and producer based between Brussels and Dresden. At the interface between performance and media art she is currently experimenting with the friction between corporeal and virtual realities, the physical and the digital mediating body. Right now her interest is directed towards the medium of augmented reality and the integration of it in performative spaces, in order to develop another dimension of the physical world without reproducing it nor using the digital medium as subject. She is trying to find the space in between both the digital and physical dimension while searching to contradict and reflect the daily immersions into incorporeal worlds and what kind of impact they have on the individual and collective body.

—”Coming from the field of dance my work circles around the body and its way of perceiving and expressing. My artistic practice though emerges from a visual construction of imaginary spaces or worlds for which I recurrently use transparent textures, soil and concrete as visual identity. It is in these imaginary spaces in which the body as a fictional entity can be later situated as subject or object. This worlding is often nourished by current philosophical and socio-political theories of identity, displacement and the unhuman. My works are always embedded in the creation of a sensorial experience for the beholder, because it is only through sensorial perception that I can grasp what surrounds me.”