Displaced Bodies

A POP UP Performance by TanzNetzDresden

A short dance film

Directed by Alba T Álvarez/Charles Washington/Wiete Sommer

Filmed by Christian Novopavlovski

in Cooperation with objekt klein a

Displaced Bodies is a response to the continued closure of clubs and aims to transfer the value of these places and their people to a new environment. Clubbing experience and similar gatherings allow the creation of imagination and re-interpretation of the relation between spaces and people, also called heterotopia, in which an individual's existence is free for self-expression and self-development. Essential spaces for those of us who found a type of ‘other’ worldly experience, where it was possible to create our character we longed to be, a character that the everyday social functionality of living did not accept.

With the leakage of those environments that we encounter no longer, do we need to think about an alternative and new concept of those heterotopic spaces? In these days, can the more and more virtualized experience of such social phenomena be replaced? The performance opens a window to an imaginary world or rather an imaginary club, open for the public, letting us remind of our power and capability of the imagination of free expression.