Depth remains the effect of the surface

Space-filling installation and digital exhibition

by Alba T Álvarez & Artists

01/02/2022 → 12/02/2022


Dresden, Germany

digital exhibition under www.futur01.com

Futur_01_ juxtaposes experiences of physicality and sensory perception in analog and virtual spaces. The display window, which is permanently visible from the street, gives potential visitors a first glimpse of Futur_01_ even before they enter the Hole Of Fame. A sound carpet from an outdoor loudspeaker also invites visitors to pause. A panorama opens up into an interior space enclosed by plastic sheeting: Sporadically, plants emerge from the floor covered with earth, gravel, crushed stone and plastic sheeting. Fog blurs the contours of the place, and sometimes the glass is fogged up to the ceiling with condensed moisture. A video projection is visible on the back wall: impressions of a scantily clad body on a pile of rubble. Hands and feet feeling the rough textures of the stone; naked extremities whose vividness sharply contrasts them with the frozen surroundings. Perhaps there is also someone to be seen who is currently in the space. The entrance area of the gallery is noticeably narrowed by the walls of the installation. Behind it, a semi-dark transitional space opens up, where visitors can take off their socks and shoes and take a look at the video projection or the virtual exhibition before entering the installation. A spatially limited microcosm invites visitors to explore their own sensory perception away from urban ordinariness. The seemingly boundless expanse of a virtual exhibition space, on the other hand, defies all sensory perception beyond sight and hearing, indeed beyond corporeality altogether. Its depth remains an effect of the surface.



Concept/ Design_Alba T Álvarez

Performance_Lilia Ossiek

Music_Charles Washington/Min Duc Nguyen/Stefan Koutzev

Image_Cassedy Richter

Dramaturgy_Marvin Neidhardt


Concept/Production_Alba T Álvarez

Design/Development_Joshua Peschke

with art works from Dario Wilmington, Lilia Ossiek, Jana Markgraf, Rahel Maullu, Cassedy Richter

and contributions from Francesca Mommo, Tabea Wittulski, Minh Duc Nguyen, Charles Washington, Stefan Koutzev, Antonia Krull




Funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media in the NEUSTART KULTUR program, aid program DIS-TANZEN of the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland.

Part of the event series "Nach dem Jetzt das Nichts - die Leere und wie sie zu füllen sei", the annual project 2020 of the Hole Of Fame.[:]