A short film on a creature’s journey

Alba T Álvarez & Artists

22/09/2023 → 24/09/2023

for DCA~OPEN, Festival for Contemporary Art

Büro für Gute Maßnahmen

Dresden, Germany


in the midst of an unknown future, an object-body appears in horizontal space. while governed by other forces beyond our perception, peacefully and playfully it is moved through rigid and dry worlds dreaming of liquids to swallow. then, moved out of time, it submerges into the systematic underworlds of shafts and tunnels. all, to find its place of belonging.

inspired by concepts of weird fiction and the notion of eeriness, the short film investigates the process of worlding (world-creation) within the pillars of science fiction. In constructing visual translations of absence, presence, and non-human qualities, the work simultaneously plays with artifacts of physicality and spatiality in order to imagine the possible and yet unknown.


by and with__

Camila Ragonese /w costume,

Mado Berrenger /w camera&cut

Lamina /w music

Marine Robin /w assistance

Alba T Álvarez /w concept&dance


funded by the Amt für Kultur und Denkmalschutz der Landeshauptstadt Dresden / produced by