A small video installation showing the film Bodilessness previewing the analogue multidisciplinary installation Futur_01_ that will transfer into virtual space in 2022

by Alba T Álvarez & Artists

20/11/2020 → 26/11/2020


Dresden, Germany

“We are headless bodies, isolated and fucked up by the insomniac shark-like time and space of the internet, no longer able to steer our phisical energies in a reasonable direction.” Nina Power - From the Sad Body to the Moving Body


Concept/Choreography: Alba T Álvarez

Camera/Cut: Francesca Mommo

Dance: Tabea Wittulsky

Costume: Antonia Krull

in collaboration with HOLE OF FAME e.V.

Funded by the “Denkzeit” scholarship 2020 of Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen