thin skin

Augmented Reality Artifact

Alba T Álvarez in collaboration with the system collective

20/10/2022 → 30/10/2022

for Hybrid Biennale 2022

Hellerau European Centre of The Arts

Dresden, Germany

To be transparent means to be see-through, invisible, penetrable, for what surrounds you. thin skin as an AR work deals with the concept of transparency within our society. It is a reflection of the permeability between body and environment and deals with the question of what defines the inside and outside.

This animated artifact was created during a #TAKEHEART research residency in 2022 called “Futur_Residenz” by Alba T Álvarez. The movement of the three-dimensional artifact was recorded with the Rokoko Motion Capture Suit and later designed and reshaped with the 3d program blender. The programming into the medium of AR and the implementation into public space was done by the system collective for their digital Museum in different public spaces of the world, called Artificial Museum.

You can find the animated artifact here: